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Alcohol Ink Workshops, Demos & Classes

Are you looking to host an Alcohol Ink painting party? Want to offer classes on Alcohol Inks? Interested in having a live Alcohol Ink demonstration?

Serena is an incredibly knowledgeable instructor with many years' teaching experience. She is well loved by students for her fun and extremely informative teaching style and for creating a relaxed learning environment that encourages students to enjoy themselves and connect with each other. She has taught in person classes to people of all ages and backgrounds, and is masterful at tailoring education to various groups.

As the creator of the popular "Alcohol Inks: A-Z" Youtube channel devoted to teaching students around the world about ALL aspects of Alcohol Inks, her knowledge of the medium is unsurpassed. She is a contributor with the Alcohol Ink Art Society and regularly presents at online conferences throughout the year. She also serves as a consultant for several Alcohol Ink and Resin companies in the US, helping them improve products and marketing.

She also teaches e-courses.


 Feel free to use the contact form to discuss having Serena teach your next Alcohol Ink demo, workshop or class!

What You Get When You Sign Up for Serena’s In-Person Workshops and Classes:

-An unparalleled learning experience in a fun, laid back atmosphere with Serena, a seasoned instructor with more than 10 years of adult teaching experience

-Meticulously developed lesson plans designed to start with foundation knowledge and build student confidence


-Hands-on guidance through a huge array of techniques and processes


-Extensive demonstrations of each technique

-Demos and examples of the various products that can be used


-Instruction on new and innovative ways to take your artwork to the next level

-Clearly stated learning objectives 

-Well-planned lists of needed supplies, including recommendations for optional supplies and suggestions of alternate supplies for those on a budget

-Handouts and supplemental resources to reinforce key concepts for students to refer back to after class

-Support throughout the course to help students develop their skills and artistic voice


-Aftercare and troubleshooting support post-workshop from Serena via email


*Intellectual Property Right and Sharing Policy: All workshops both free and paid, including class content/materials, videos, PDFs, images, instructions & audio productions contain copyrighted works, trademarks and intellectual property of Serena Webber. All rights are reserved. While YouTube videos and links to free videos that have already been posted by myself to social media may be shared, sharing passwords, videos or content of paid courses is not allowed. I have invested countless hours into learning skills and techniques to pass on to my students, and invested large amounts of time and money into developing my own artistic style and voice, in addition to spending large amounts of time filming, editing and publishing videos. Please respect this so I can continue to create beautiful art and share my knowledge with future artists.

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