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Begin Your Own Artistic Journey Here

Starting Spring 2018 I will be offering online workshops and tutorials. Online art workshops offer the ability to improve skills in your own home, any time of day (or night), with no pressure to perform at the same level or speed as your peers, and no worries about being "left behind" in class. All tutorials include lifetime access, and videos can be paused, stopped, resumed or replayed any time, as many times as you like. Check back periodically for updates on upcoming workshops, or subscribe to my newsletter to be one of the first to know when new workshops open on this site.


*Intellectual Property Right and Sharing Policy: All workshops both free and paid, including class content/materials, videos, PDFs, images, instructions & audio productions contain copyrighted works, trademarks and intellectual property of Serena Webber. All rights are reserved. While YouTube videos and links to free videos that have already been posted by myself to social media may be shared, sharing passwords, videos or content of paid courses is not allowed. I have invested countless hours into learning skills and techniques to pass on to my students, and invested large amounts of time and money into developing my own artistic style and voice, in addition to spending large amounts of time filming, editing and publishing videos. Please respect this so I can continue to create beautiful art and share my knowledge with future artists.

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