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Serena is an Alcohol Ink & Mixed Media artist and teacher. Originally from Montreal, she currently calls Edmonton, Alberta home.


In addition to teaching in-person workshops, she also teaches e-courses and regularly presents at online conferences. In 2018 she launched the popular YouTube channel, "Alcohol Inks: A-Z"

Serena is also a Registered Nurse who has worked as a CPR and First Aid instructor for several years. She has taught thousands of students from all walks of life; her experience as an adult educator has given her the ability to share her love of art with others by inspiring them and nurturing their love of art.

Serena is currently a member of Night of Artists, as well a contributor for the Alcohol Ink Art Society. She is known for her water-inspired work, and for her love of blue.

Artist Statement

My artwork explores the idea that all things, both living and inorganic, have an infinite amount of dynamic energy. My chosen mediums to bring these ideas to canvas are alcohol inks and watercolor. When I first discovered these mediums, I was captivated by the tremendous amount of movement and flow they create, much like the energy found in all things. I enjoy examining this energy within the context of different themes by employing symbolism in my work such as turbulent water, which represents unforeseen situations in life, and schools of fish, which represents living conventionally and making decisions because it is popular instead of what is truly desired.

Fluid mediums are not easily controlled; although we can try to direct the flow of pigment, eventually it goes where it wishes and settles into patterns that are often more beautiful than what was initially envisioned. This has been a large theme in my life; I have always tried to control everything around me, yet unforeseen circumstances have led me down unintended paths which have frequently turned out to be more incredible that the plans I initially had.

Although I work in all colors, my preferred colors to use are blues and purples because they have a calming effect that allows me to really focus on creating the movement, interactions and energy within pieces without being overwhelmed.

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